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In the last decade, new forms of cancer therapy have been developed to stimulate the body's immune system against cancer, called "immunotherapy." These are in contrast to traditional cancer therapies such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgery which are frequently ineffective and can be significantly harmful to patients. Most recently, "Checkpoint Blockade" and "CAR-T Cell" therapies, which both use the "T cells" of the immune system, have had great success, with Science magazine calling Cancer Immunotherapy the "Breakthrough of the Year" in 2013.

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T cells became a breakthrough when researchers learned how to "take their brakes off."

Tyler Jacks and his laboratory at MIT began research on NK cells six years ago, thinking they could leverage the work of T cells and target cancer in and of themselves. He teamed up with Dr. David Raulet, one of the world's leading researchers on NK cells, and Bill Haney, a friend and tech entrepreneur, to start Dragonfly.

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Dr. Jacks and Dr. Raulet have been working in cancer research for decades. Dragonfly is the first company they have founded based on research out of their own labs.
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Dragonfly Announces Its Scientific Advisory Board

Breakthrough immunotherapy company launches its Scientific Advisory Board with the appointment of Nobel Prize winner Harold Varmus.