The dragonfly story

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Tyler Jacks, head of the Koch Institute at MIT, Bill Haney, a longtime tech entrepreneur and investor, and Dr. David Raulet, one of the world's leading experts in Natural Killer (NK) cell biology, Dragonfly Therapeutics develops novel first-in-class therapeutics targeted at Natural Killer cells and other cells of the innate immune system.

Dragonfly's therapies are designed to counterbalance immune suppressive factors present in the tumor microenvironment and mobilize anti-cancer immune responses, and are expected to be potent as single agents as well as in treatment combinations with existing cancer immunotherapies – such as T cell treatments.

Our founders and Scientific Advisory Board  are major figures in cancer biology and immunology, and launched Dragonfly to harness the power of the immune system to provide breakthrough cancer treatments for patients. Dr. Tyler Jacks is a highly decorated scientist, head of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT — broadly considered the world's leading basic cancer research institution, with more than 780 scientists and engineers – and has spent the last three decades carrying out cutting-edge studies in cancer genetics and cancer immunology. Dr. Jacks' research on the potential of NK cells to enhance and direct other immunotherapies led him to team up with Dr. David Raulet, one of the world's leading researchers on Natural Killer cells, whose internationally recognized discoveries on the role of NK cell inhibitory and activating receptors in destroying tumors provide a critical foundation for Dragonfly's approach to cancer immunotherapy. Dr. Raulet directs a major research laboratory at UC, Berkeley focused on breakthrough research on NK cells and T cells, and how they can be used for therapy or prevention of disease.

Our mission is to revolutionize cancer treatment by inventing therapies that harness the body's immune system for vastly improved patient outcomes.