In the last decade, new forms of cancer therapy have been developed to stimulated the body's immune system against cancer: "Checkpoint Blockade" therapies, "CAR-T Cell" therapies, and BiTEs all use the T-cells of the immune system.

Dragonfly's technology dramatically enhances immunotherapy using Natural Killer (NK) cells. Our development plan leverages NK cells' demonstrated benefits, yielding both important new and broadly applicable therapeutic tools and a portfolio of powerful anti-cancer drugs.



Cancer is the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide
Cancer-related deaths are expected to grow to 20 million by 2030, with devastating physical, psychological, and financial effects for families and society broadly.
Traditional Cancer Therapies Are Not Ideal

Traditional treatments are frequently ineffective and can be significantly harmful to the patient. Side effects include:

• Heart problems

• Lung damage

• Permanent scarring

• Loss of reproductive capabilities

• Brain, spinal cord, and nerve problems

• Secondary cancers

• And more

Immunotherapies Are Emerging as an Effective Alternative to Traditional Cancer Therapies

In the last decade, immunotherapies have been developed that stimulate the body's immune system to fight cancer, primarily using T-cells. These early immunotherapies have been successful for some patients, but considerable limitations and challenges remain. In particular:

• T-cell-based treatments have so far been successful only for certain types of cancers, and only for a fraction of patients with those cancers.

• Innovations like CAR-T treatment can be very expensive

Natural Killer Cells Help in Several Ways

Dragonfly's plan is to dramatically enhance immunotherapy by using Natural Killer (NK) cells. Like T-cells, NK cells are part of the body's natural immune system, which can recognize and destroy cancer cells in a broad range of indications. However, NK cells can also amplify the effectiveness of T-cells, in addition to attacking the tumors directly. On the left, you can see how NK cells work:

1. NK cells kill tumor cells, directly

2. NK cells also activate T-Cells and B-Cells

3. Which can help B-Cells product anti-tumor antibodies

4. And activate T-Cells to kill tumor cells


Dragonfly's technology for engaging NK cells with tumor targets can be applied to a broad number of cancer types, to both kill cancers directly and help improve the outcomes of other immunotherapy approaches like T-cell therapies.

Our initial proprietary targets are key cancer indications where:

• There is a substantial unmet medical need

• There is evidence of NK involvement

• There are opportunities synergistic with T-cell directed therapies.

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